Future Reunions - Survey 11/2022

The Reunion Committee requests that you complete the following questionnaire and add any comments you may have. Since this is our first attempt at a survey through the website, we are hopeful that it is successful.  If not, we apologize and will make another attempt. The Committee will tally the responses that are received and will use the information along with any comments provided to determine future Reunions for our class.  The Committee truly is wanting comments, good or bad, that might provide direction for the future. Please return your survey by 12/1/2022 if at all possible. You can maybe jsut do it now, as it is not lengthy. Thank you.

Your Reunion Committee:  Bonnie Blaske Fitzharris, Lee Fitzharris, Dave Kremer, Mary Poster Lahr, John Libert, Tim McNeal, Kevin Schirmers, Jean Traut Muntifering, and Karen Zakrajshek McNeal.

Questions/Concerns/Thoughts:  Please contact Bonnie Blaske Fitzharris  320-247-1717 or fitz5@charter.net


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1)   If you attended the Reunion in August 2021, please share the positive comments you have regarding the Reunion.

2)   If you attended the Reunion in August, 2021 please share any negative comments you may have regarding the Reunion.

3)   If you attended the Reunion in August, 2021 please share your overall thoughts of the event.

4)   The consensus of classmates has been to have Reunions be a one day event. Would that be your choice at this time?

Yes No
5)   At what frequency would you like Reunion gatherings to take place? The goal of course would be to bring together as many classmates as possible.

  One time a year event.
  An event every 2-3 years.
  An event only every 5 years.
  Have an event every 2 or 3 years but still focus on a larger event every 5 years.
6)   Would you like to see the Reunion coincide with the Cathedral Weekend Reunion (if they continue to have them) or Cathedral Homecoming?

  No preference.
7)   If the Reunion is not coinciding with the above events, which month of the year would you prefer for a Reunion gathering?

  No preference
8)   What is your preference for the day of the week to hold a Reunion gathering? This is assuming that a good majority of classmates are retired and can be available on a variety of days.

  No preference
9)   What is your preference for the time of an informal gathering?

  Later afternoon, leading into the evening, with a meal that can be ordered on a select menu.
  Later afternoon, leading into the evening, with an appetizer buffet meal (like 2021).
  Later afternoon, leading into the evening, with a sit down buffet meal requiring specific seating.
  Afternoon event with the potential for desserts/snacks/appetizers being available.
  No real preference.
10)   Is there a specific Reunion location that you might prefer, assuming it remains in the St. Cloud area?

11)   Lastly, the Reunion Committee is truly looking for your input, please provide us a short, or long, comment on what your preference(s) might be. Thank you.

This survey ended on 01/30/2023.